English with Suzie


Fall in love with your English learning

How to truly fall in love with your English you ask? Great question! Language learning should never become a boring chore. I have a few tricks up my sleeves that worked for my lovely students and I and may work for you, too…

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It’s all about your attitude

This phrase used to drive me crazy! Upset, I didn’t understand why I had to be told how to feel about what I was already doing…
Since then started understanding why it matters not only that I do the right things but that I also do them with the right

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English reading for Christmas

Your cosy Christmas reads

Want to get into the holiday mood and learn English at the same time? Reading is proven to be one of the best ways to obtain new vocabulary in your target language. Here are my recommendations for your cosy Christmas reads for your hot chocolate,…

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What to do when the going gets hard

Feeling unmotivated? The way you are learning is not working for you, you are not moving forward but you ARE getting frustrated? This can, at times, happen to anyone. Here is what you can do when you feel stuck…

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The power of a strong why

To really succeed in your language learning, define 3 genuine reasons why you want to learn.
E.g. I want to improve my English because:
1) I need it for work
2) I love to travel and want to communicate on my travels without any problems
3) …

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Vocabulary learning? No problem!

Learning new vocabulary is very frustrating for most people. We all forget what we have learnt. It takes repetition and time. But the process of learning doesn’t have to be dramatic and the key is, as always, your mindset…

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Download Your Ebook

The most natural way of learning any language is surrounding yourself with it. Sounds good but you are not sure how? Don’t despair! I have put together a whole bunch of fun ideas that will help you to start reading, writing, listening, and speaking so that English is with you

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