English with Suzie

Fall in love with your English learning

How to truly fall in love with your English you ask?

Great question! Language learning should never become a boring chore. If you make it enjoyable, it will be something that you naturally want to do and English will become a natural part of your everyday life. But how to do that?

I have a few tricks up my sleeves that worked for my lovely students and I and may work for you, too…

Fall in love with the learning process,

not just the end goal.

​ Start doing things that you actually enjoy. Nobody has ever fallen in love with any language while sitting over a grammar book. Seriously, no one. So why should you be an exception? What are you interested in when using your native language?

Do you like reading the news? Scrolling on social media? Watching series? Something else? Switch it up into English then. Little by little, make your hobbies the way you learn…

You can read the news on different levels in English, follow social media posts of your interests in English, try listening to BBC 6 min podcasts if you have a min on your way to work/ gym. Watch your favourite series in English…

Make small changes only. You will see that over time, they have much greater impact than you thought they would.

Find friends to practice your English with 🤗

You can invade Facebook groups for expats and foreigners in your town and start conversations, suggesting a language exchange. Once I lived in Czech for 3 months before moving to Spain (for the purpose of learning the language). I posted in the facebook group that I was looking for language exchange to practice my Spanish and was lucky enough to meet up and practice with someone from Cuba, Colombia, and Spain. These people are still my friends in the city. Foreigners are there. You just have to find them 😉

If you feel that your city doesn’t have any, why not try a language exchange app such as HelloTalk? You can also have live conversations with people from all around the world any time of the day on the free4talk web page.

Alternatively, look for language exchanges in your city on the MeetUp or InterNations web.

Learning is so much more fun once you put it into practice with a real live person, communicating about everyday things and any interests that you both have 🤗

Have fun with it!

Once again, start doing the things that you enjoy, just do them in English. Incorporate English into your everyday life. Do it in a way that is interesting and makes you happy. Only then you will want to keep it up instead of trying to fit it into your busy schedule as yet another thing you need to do during your busy day.

Create small but regular habits in English

Small changes over time add to big results! You can start with writing your shopping list in English, do short daily journaling with the 3 good things gratitude app, listen to English podcast write driving to work or cooking, reading English news and articles while on a coffee break. Small, easy change done regularly…

Monitor your progress…

Notice your improvement! Compared to last month, do you find it easier to understand movies/ series/ the articles or news you read/ the people you talk to?

Record yourself on a regular basis and listen to yourself. Can you see your fluency improving?

Noticing the progress you are making is going to keep your motivation up.

Did you like the ideas in this post and want to hear more?

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