English with Suzie

Coffee with Suzie

Are you too busy for 1 hr lessons on zoom? 

Can you only talk while you drive to/ from work or during lunch/ coffee break?

How about a quick 30 min English fix at the time that suits you best? 


The lessons: 

  • Take place online on Skype/ WhatsApp or Messenger – whichever one you can most conveniently call from your phone wherever you are

  • Are typically conducted once a week with each session lasting approximately 30 min

  • The lessons will always be focused on your speaking fluency and confidence. Tailored to your individual needs, we can discuss a large variety of topics of your interest or focus on boosting your work related language skills

  • All notes about vocabulary, pronunciation, and any lesson materials will be kept in a shared Google document which you can access any time online 


Is this for you? Message me now.

I will give you a free initial cca 15 min call where you can ask any questions you want and see if this is a good fit for you.