English with Suzie

You have to be willing to fail if you want to succeed

Ha ha, I understand if this doesn’t make sense to you at first. But yet, nothing could be more true.🔝

A lot of my students come to me and want help so that they never make a mistake in English again. They refuse to use their English with other people until they can speak it perfectly. 😱

Unfortunately, this approach is not possible to take when learning a language as in order for you to learn to use the language correctly, you need to try using it, forming sentences, and formulating ideas often. When you try something new, you will make mistakes. 👍The only time ever when you won’t make any mistake is when you do not try. Not trying is totally safe! It also leads to no progress. 👎

Let’s try to change the way we look at mistakes. 👀Let’s see them as evidence that we are trying and growing. 📈 Let’s not be so worried about them.

Did you get your point across in the conversation? Were you understood? ✅If the answer is ‘yes’ then it doesn’t matter so much if you made a mistake. The point of using a language is communicating, the conveying of ideas. The point is not perfection. (however that might resonate with you right now).

So, celebrate your successes (getting your point across with the language you do have) 🥳🥂🍾 and don’t focus so much on things that are not crucial to your communication (getting it 100% correct grammatically every single time). This will allow you to start enjoying the language learning (and using) process instead of dreading it, and you will move forward much faster.

Trust me, I practise what I preach. If I wanted to always be correct in my Spanish, I would never be able to say anything and would miss out on hours of wonderful conversations, friendship building and ideas exchanging. Do not rob yourself of exciting opportunities just because you want to get it 100% right. 💗