Individual Consultations

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You’ve been learning on your own for a while now but hit a plateau. Your current learning strategy is not working for you and you are in need of some new ideas…

Book an individual 90 min consultation for language learning! 

We will discuss your learning strategy and get some new ideas to organise yourself with your learning.

The consultation will help you with:

  • Assessing your current learning strategy
  • SMART language goal setting
  • Effective language study advice
  • Preparation of a weekly learning schedule that works for you!

We’ll do all the hard work together and then off you’ll go, ready for success. You’ll have a clear direction of what you need to be doing on a weekly basis to achieve your learning goals. 

All the notes from the consultation will be available to you on a shared Google document with your name so you can revisit them any time. 

Give yourself a present with this great opportunity.

Individual Consultation

90 min consultation for language learning

goals setting and weekly study plan design

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